Professional Trainings sources training for the printing, packaging and graphic communications industry. We provide training and qualifications at all levels so your staff can realize their true potential, and you can fill any skills gap in your business. We believe the future of the industry depends on the quality of the people working within it. To be successful in such a dynamic and fast changing sector, print needs not only experienced but also well trained and motivated employees.

We build a training program around your needs. The team at PM Will work with you to build a custom training program for your employees or customers with the right combination of classroom and hands-on instruction. We have built programs for media manufactures, industry vendors, and major print corporations with diverse content from digital and conventional print technologies to color science and printing management. You can even schedule and host your next corporate meeting with us for conjunction a training program.

Our offered Trainings

  • Design & Pre-Press:

    For all candidates who are regularly designing artwork and producing creative artwork, maintaining digital systems, running equipment and controlling output and quality.

  • Production:

    Those who will be working within a commercial production environment with responsibilities for the production of digital artwork or operating production equipment such as digital printing machinery, conventional printing machinery and/ or finishing equipment.

  • Warehousing:

    Those working in a warehousing or dispatch role within the printing industry.

  • Customer Service:

    Those who want to be able to handle more difficult customers. This qualification helps to improve skills and become more involved in making improvements to the team’s level of customer service.

  • Account Management & Sales:

    Designed to provide candidates with the basic groundings needed in the following roles, print administrator, office clerk, print estimator, account manager or production coordinator.

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